Industrial Product Designs & Production Oriaented Design and  Production Process

Triple set for German company Gaggenau. Oven, coffee machine and microwave. A product group you can use with different settlement combinations.
This is re-design model of Mercedes-Benz W196R model as a concept. W196R became one of the most important racing car and it is a cult figure.
Interior of Mercedes Benz Sprinter shuttle vehicles are designed by me which are produced in Mercedes Benz Turkey. They are being checked and followed up at the same time. You can check on the pieces in Mercedes catalogue.
Social responsibility project developed as a concept through ambulances do not work in battle field. It is published in variety types of magazines and newspapers and emphasized this model is beyond the time.
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Designed for Saress company. Manufacture oriented grass-trimmer design. Produced for plastic injection and equipped with fine details.
Hand drawing which is scratched in design phase. Digitally designed and it is a mixed working page for showing my other abilities.
Cast Iron
Mert Döküm company underground systems one of the biggest company in Turkey and Middle East with its 450 employee. I am the design consultant of company. And arge and design center created by me. We have collobration university industry collobration with Aydın University.
Furniture designed for exihibit in art galleries and galleries. The material used in furniture has never used before and the idea is out of common about this design. Ergonomically this is the best form.
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Audi Q6
Audi A9
Audi A9 Concept Design
Designed for a competition organized in Switzerland as a concept watch. Aimed to catch dynamic form. It is designed with observing the harmony of inter mechanism and Shell.
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İdea Otomotiv
Secho Motor
Sersel Otomotiv
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